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About Claudio Lepri

Claudio Lepri Claudio Lepri uses photography and writing, always trying to mix them to better tell the reality that involves him. He confronts himself with other authors in artistic contests, winning in Ferrara Photographic Gran Premio and finishing second in Turin contest and Lesa contest.
His photographs enrich the books "Artifici di d'acqua, Automi, Preziose creatività" (2015) and "Nicola Sebastio scultore" by M. Dolz (2014). He contributed to the poetic texts for the photographic volume "Lives marked Suspended Voices" (The memory of the world, 2015) and in 2016 his poems were published in the anthology "Poetry Laboratory" curated by Maurizio Cucchi (Edb Edizioni).
In 2017 and 2018 he was selected for the artistic group exhibitions of Circuiti Dinamici in Milan where in June 2018 he won the tender on "Resilience". He has participated in the "Unusual Connections" exhibitions at Palazzo Marino in Milan (2017) and "Della stessa sostanza dei sogni" at the SpazioPorpora Gallery in Milan (2018).
In 2018 his photographic project "Lo Spazio Bianco" was selected for the "Silenzi Urbani" Exhibition, an Afi-Archivio Fotografico Italiano exhibition curated by Gigliola Foschi, at the 2018 European Photo Festival.
In October 2018 he held his personal "Step by step" at Dynamic Circuits in Milan.
In March 2019 he participated in the "Urban Art" exhibition at Arnaout Gallery in Milan.
In June 2019 he was award winning for his photografic artwork at the Biennale di Genova.